Are you a  corporate executive or manager who wants your team to think entrepreneurially?

We offer executive coaching for you and uniquely designed programs for your staff. We also offer trainings in Teamwork, Leadership, Communication. and Accountability.

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Are you a small business owner who wants to:

  • Develop a systematic approach to building your business,
  • Increase your profitability,
  • Attract new clients,
  • Have a business that supports your life,
  • Create a better way of working with clients, colleagues, and/or employees,
  • Be part of a committed group of entrepreneurs who want to grow themselves and their businesses, and
  • Grow your business?

The Entrepreneurs Connection is a unique Business Development Community that supports small business owners in developing and implementing strategies that enable a great business and a great life led by Senior Consultant, Nancy Cantor.  Most programs offered at 1671 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA or Water View Terrace, 1400 Worcester Rd, Framingham, MA

  • CEO Forums: Six month groups that include private coaching. 

Are you a woman who wants to take on your life, your work and your world?  Do you want to LIVE your personal and professional Dreams?

Cantor Consulting offers the Dream Factory Community, in Framingham/MetroWest, Concord, Newton, and Virtually.

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Featured Products

Completing 2019, Creating 2020 as a Team

Does one year bleed into the next without recognizing the accomplishments or powerfully planning the next one? Take advantage of this 3 hour coaching session where your team can complete the year individually and as a company team. Leave feeling clear, cohesive and excited with an action plan for 2020.

Completing 2019, Creating 2020 Coaching Session

Does one year bleed into the next without recognizing the accomplishments or powerfully planning the next one? Take advantage of this 1.5 hour coaching session and take care of both. Leave feeling clear, and excited with an action plan for your life, work and world.

Dream Factory New Year's Dinner Silent Auction for Ben Speaks: From Tragedy to Triumph

Dream Factory Community and Ben Speaks; organizations that empower women and adolescents to create lives of fulfillment and expression are holding their Annual New Year’s Dinner on Friday, January 3rd! This event is open to all Dream Factory members as well as the greater community!  From Tragedy to Triumph. Click on Register Here at the bottom of this page.

Dream Factory Chief Dream Officer Training

This program is offered to the women entrepreneurs of the Dream Factory Community that will give you a plan for 2019. .