Inroductory Coaching Session

Scheduled at your convenience, this 1.5 hour session will enable you to: Create a clear picture of where you want to go, both personally and professionally. Design a strategy, and an action plan for next steps so you will feel confident in who you are and the success of your plan. Have some resources for dealing with your sabotage mechanisms so you will feel confident in who you are and the success of your plan. Generate a community that supports your success. Gladly step into your new possibilities. This is a lot of good work. At the end we discuss next steps.

The coaching provided by Cantor Consulting is uniquely designed to support you.  You start out with an introductory session that serves as an introduction to coaching, clarification as to what you want to work on, some hands-on coaching, and an opportunity to design next steps.

Coaching programs can vary depending on needs and budgets.  In-person sessions can be combined with phone sessions.   The purpose is always to help you clarify your business dreams, get organized around them, disarm your private saboteur, and create a community-based plan.

  • Business owners often start with some private coaching, but then include some programming for their employees. 
  • We are uniquely qualified to do one-on-one coaching sessions and deliver group workshops.  We love to design programs that will bring entire work groups to a whole new level.  We focus on elements of Leadership: Accountability, Communication, and Teamwork.

Nancy is a gifted business coach, facilitator and educator.   She is an expert at helping business owners define and execute their goals, and is a master at guiding them to make the connections they need to be successful.

-Debra Mackey, Open E Communications

I cannot recommend Nancy highly enough as the service she provided in helping me to reinvent myself for a much higher and far reaching career was invaluable.

-Mitchell Hoffman, Esq, Hoffman and Associates

Introductory Coaching Session
Introductory Coaching Session: DFC member