Publicity Package

This coaching package is designed to help you make a splash with your ideas, products, services, missions or programs with the Dream Factory Community and beyond.

You receive:

  • One-hour coaching session to help you formulate your ideas into a presentation, an article and an interview.
  • The speaker's slot at the Dream Factory Luncheon to present for a 1/2 hour to 20-40 members and their guests.
  • Support in creating a compelling article for the Dream Factory Community News--an e-zine that goes out to 1000+ recipients.
  • An interview on Dream Factory, our show on WACA Cable TV, and a DVD of it. The show airs in Ashland and Framingham.

This package provides the opportunity to make a contribution, market yourself and get connected to potential clients and colleagues, as well as design ways of presenting yourself in other arenas.

Testimonial for Publicity Package by Susana Brown:

"First off, it was priced well—and I got more out of it than I could have imagined. I got coaching on doing a professional presentation, a written article, and a TV interview. Nancy’s support empowered me to go outside my Comfort Zone, especially in the presentation and interview.

I didn’t know what to say or how to say it, but working with Nancy helped me gain clarity and confidence.

Our working together on the presentation and article had me come up with creative ideas that were interesting to the audience, not just a checklist of my products. We designed an interactive demonstration that was fun and engaging. The Dream Factory Community members are a warm, friendly, receptive audience, which makes it easy to step out of your Comfort Zone.

The interview was my greatest fear, but it turned into an intimate conversation, with Nancy asking questions that allowed me to represent myself positively and confidently. The ½ hour was over before I knew it. In addition to the show being seen in Ashland and Framingham, I also received a DVD that I brought to my local cable station in Norfolk—which they are thrilled to show. I even got the idea of creating my own show in my local area.

I went from fearful to infallible during this process, and feel completely confident in using what I created in the Publicity Package in other places where I need to deliver a talk, write an article, or be interviewed."

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